We have a good selection of recycled bicycles. They’re in good riding condition & are checked and refurbished to the Woodstock Cycle Works standard, while still keeping them as affordable as possible.  Expect to pay at least R4000 & upwards.

Single speeds and custom bikes are more expensive because of their labour intensive work, and (often) the importing or sourcing of parts. These range from R4500 to R11 000.

Rare/collectable racers and track bicycles are getting harder to find & therefor come at a premium price. Some are good for custom projects; while some are too awesomely original to change. Prices vary from R5500 to R12500  

Modern mountain bikes like hardtails & dual suspensions, range between R5500 to R12000,

We also source certain brands of new MTB, road single speeds or commuter bicycles. Email us or pop in for a chat.

Frames? As with rare/collectable racers, everything depends on the condition, history and rarity. Basic frames and forks start at R1000 but can go up to R5500.

We also have one of the biggest collections of used and vintage parts. One day we might actually get it sorted … but please phone or email and we’ll try to find what you need. Again, prices vary on condition and rarity......and if Nils wants to sell !