We love bikes. All bikes. Even those neglected beauties gathering dust in the garage (they just want some air in their tyres, oil to ease the squeaks, and a open road/trail to strut their stuff down).

We are not fussy about which bikes we work on, but we’re here to provide a high quality, reliable service and that can’t be done for "cheap" - bicycles are complex machines that need knowledgeable mechanics and time to get them sorted out 100%. At Woodstock Cycle Works we'll put in the love/knowledge and effort if you’re willing to put in the required financial investment.

During busy periods - like before the Cape Town Cycle Tour, Cape Epic, Tour of Ara, Africa Burn, etc. - we advise that you make booking for your bike, rather than arriving at our shop & being disappointed. It helps us help you with a professional and honest service.

If you have a bike needing serious love, restoration or customization, please contact us, so we can set up a appointment to chat and service you effectively. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Bicycle Services

    •    Due to the Summer Cycle Season in Cape Town, we may be fully booked for a couple days at a time.
    •    We will only accept pre arranged/booked work.
    •    Please call or email us to make a booking for any work required on your bike.
    •    Bike Storage After Servicing - 3 days after being contacted to collect your serviced bike, a storage fee of R20 p/d will be charged.
Thanks for understanding !




  • Good wash & then lubricated relevant to the particular bike, MTB or road/fixie. Please note that we may need to charge extra in some "situations".


  • A good wash and lube. See that the headset, wheel bearings and bottom bracket are tight and running smoothly. Ensure the wheels are true (straight), then set the brakes & gears. Straighten bars and saddle. Check that nothing is unsafe or about to break anytime soon.
  • Of course, buckled wheels, worn drive trains (gears) and parts (cassettes, brake pads, chains, etc.) will be charged accordingly.


  • Same as the basic service, but with specific time/knowledge dedicated to problem areas and bothersome bits. We find and then correct specific issues, which may include stripping, cleaning, rebuilding or customising anything your bike may need to be 100% (within your budget.....of course)
  • Prices depend on the complexity/time/knowledge of the issue(s). We’re fair and caring people at Woodstock Cycleworks. We’re here to provide a world class service and will never try take advantage of you, your family and friends. We do the best we can for you and your bike. P.S - We are still running a business, so please be aware of the costs involved.


  • Wheel building is a craft. It requires skill and time. We're proud to say that Woodstock Cycle Works offers one of the best wheel building services in SA !


  • Fork/Shock Service:  normally done by bespoke suspension dealers/agents (not in house). Pricing from R600 to R1400.
  • Boxing a bike: around R300 including the box, or R120 for only a bike box. Please note that this takes time/knowledge to be done correctly, hence the price.
  • Tubeless wheel Repair or Conversion: cost vary from R120 but can be up too R250 per wheel for a full conversion. Please note that the tires need to be "Tubeless Ready" to be compatible.